The Kings Playhouse and absentmindedness!

Greetings cyberlings,

For those of you stopping by for the first time, welcome to the new site! Mr. Mat Dunlap is a computer magician and has created a masterpiece of webby goodness for myself and all of you.

This week/weekend has been a whirlwind of musical goodness. John Prine knocked my socks off and I’m proud to say that I showed up on the right night this time. I was politely escorted out of his Thursday night show when my ticket clearly read: “Fri Aug 21, 2009 8:00pm”. Oh dear. John is a stallion of the highest degree and one of the most gracious musicians I’ve ever experienced. I’m not gonna lie, I was verklempt for most of the show.


The Kings Playhouse concert is rapidly approaching and my team of elves and I have been preparing a little treat for the concert. Details to come later….

Firstly, I need to let you know how you can come to this concert I speak of that will commence on Friday, the 28th day of August at approx. 8:00pm.

For tickets online: or by phone: 1-888-346-5666

I gotta tell ya, the songs are sounding fantastic and I’m delighted to be sharing the stage w/ Mando, Guitar, Fiddle, Dobro picker and ECMA nominated, Joel E. Hunt as well as Bass slapping, heart warming, chuckle makin’ Rheo Rochon.

The Treat

At the Kings Playhouse this Friday, when you pre-buy the NEW album, I throw in a hand-made demo package with three songs from the upcoming CD. I’ve only made 100 of these demos and each one has been laced with love and appreciation for all of your support. Your money will go towards the mixing and mastering of the record…a very cool thing!

Well…no hurricane has whisked me away so far this evening. I’m glad for that. I’m also glad for this cool air coming in my window.

Please stop by anytime, for a cup of my famous “cybermint tea!