“Come In From The Cold” is released and available online… AND… attracting auspiciousness!

CD release party at Kings Playhouse

CD release party at Kings Playhouse


Nice of you to stop by. The tea is steeping. In the meantime, let me share with you what I’ve been keeping busy at.

My CD release Maritime tour was a HUGE success! Thank-you to all who shared your beautiful selves and laughed at my mildly witty and sometimes inappropriate stage bantering.  To those of you who baked me things like lemon poppy seed bisquits and let me sleep over, BIG HEARTS to you. High fives to my wonderful band too.  They were great! Thanks to Joel e. Hunt(Teresa Ennis, Old Man Leudecke), Rheo Rochon(Keith Hallett) and Peter Rioux(Joe Murphy And The Waterstreet Blues Band) for your incredible musicianship and patience :)

There was a partay in every lick!…of music that is :)


"Come In From the Cold"

“Come In From The Cold” is released and is now available online atCD Baby and itunes as well as in Halifax at Taz Records and HMV Spring Garden Rd. Here is what The Chronicle Herlald(Halifax) and The Guardian(PEI) had to say about it:

Condon draws inspiration from the ocean, family

Two to watch: Chastity and Ashley Condon

I still love quitting my job. Throwing all caution to the divine winds is proving to be just what the doctor ordered. I’ve been re-connecting with my spiritual self lately and have been reading some inspiring books. One of them is called: “Ruling Your World” by Sakyong Mipham.

Ruling Your World

I read this particularly poignant chapter last night about attracting auspiciousness. Mipham says: “A mind that knows it’s own depth can see the brilliant, elemental magic of the world”. To me, this means that when I stop to pay attention, there are divine messages always around me; lush and rich synchronicities to unfold. When I hear those little messages, I make decisions that lead me to where I’m supposed to be going and WAY cool things happen.  For example: I was having a kinda poo day and wanted to sit in my room and mope about it, however, a little voice inside said: “Ashley, just get up, put on some clean-ish clothes and see what the world has to offer you today”. So…I walked. I was lead down Spring Garden Rd. and into the library(mecca of FREE things).  I went up the stairs and left and…..Oh my deary! what is this?…. you can sign out CD’s at the library? The day was slowly improving.  I started to slowly sort through them.  Slow turned to brisk as I discovered dozens upon dozens of  CD’s that I really like,  Willy Nelson, Lucinda Williams, Aretha Frankin, Kate Rusby,  Martyn Joseph, Gram Parsons, RYAN’S FANCY, Gospel favorites, Waylon Jennings etc…I was now feeling closer to human.  I narrowed from 40 to 20 and trepidaciously made my way to the checkout counter, hoping she’d let me through. The lady smiled and said that they have removed the limit on the # of CD”s you can take out. The day had now become fun! I wasn’t even mad when she said I had to pay my late fee of $7 in order to check them out. I left the library, dropped ALL my change in the case of a nearby busker and skipped down the street.  Moral of the story: If I had of stayed in my room sooking and sulking about my poo day then I would never have discovered that the library would give me awesome music for FREE!.  I would never have realized that my poo day was a cry from my soul to be out in the world and discover new music that inspires me.  I remembered that %90 of my job an artist is to keep my cup full on a daily basis, to take walks, give to buskers, talk to strangers, breathe, love, dance, eat “Bud The Spud” fries and listen for the magic around me.  The other %10 is to be disciplined enough to share those experiences with you so that you may attract a little auspicious goodness into your day.

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p.s – don’t  forget I’m playing the Deep Roots Music Festival in Wolville  Sept 24-26

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“Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we are doing at any moment, and being love is a supreme creative act”

-Ram Dass