Birthday Blizzard!!!

So the good weather gods have sent me a beautiful blizzard on my 32nd birthday. As my honey says, “I’m sure you did come into this world like a storm”…haha! Thank-you all for the already overwhelming amount of blizzard birthday wishes. On my birthday, I would also like to share a special song with you that I wrote about my mom who exactly 32 years ago today was at the Pictou County hospital pacing the floors in hopes that I would arrive sooner then later. She is no longer with us, but her love and spirit live on…

Mom pulling baby Ashley on sled

Betty’s Song” celebrates her strength as both a single mom and fisher lady. If you like it, feel free to throw a wee vote my way for the CBC Searchlight Competition (just click on the “VOTE” button below under the yellow and black box).

Thanks and lets get this birthday blizzard started! Frig.

p.s – don’t tell PEI that I was born in NS (shhhhhhhhh!)